Mitchell shares a look back at research in advanced dementia and links to her career

NIA IMPACT Collaboratory multiple principal investigator Susan Mitchell, MD, MPH, spoke at the February 4 Palliative and Advanced Illness Research (PAIR) Center Series at the Perelman School of Medicine at Pennsylvania University. Her talk, “Advanced Dementia: The Evolution of Research Informing Practice,” included a look at the overall body of work in advanced dementia and the evolution of her own research.

Mitchell described her research to date in three phases: Retrospective, Prospective, and Interventional, and described studies in each phase and how they contributed to the overall body of knowledge about advanced dementia. Mitchell concluded her talk with an introduction to the NIA IMPACT Collaboratory, describing how effectiveness and efficacy research continue the evolution of research in advanced dementia care.

To view the entire talk, please go to the PAIR Series site here: and begin the video at the 13:12 mark.