Gutman, Roee – PhD

Gutman, Roee – PhD
Name: Gutman, Roee – PhD
Credentials: PhD

Executive Committee, Design & Statistics Core (DSC)

Primary title: Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Primary Institution: Brown University School of Public Health
Complete Titles:

Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Brown University School of Public Health

Bio: Roee Gutman, PhD is associate professor in the Department of Biostatistics at Brown University. His areas of expertise are causal inference, file linkage, missing data, Bayesian analysis and their application to data sources in health services research. He brings vast experience in designing and analyzing randomized trials and secondary datasets from various sources (e.g. Medicare claims data, VA health data). He has been involved in many comparative effectiveness studies where he contributed in terms of the statistical theory and its implementation. Examples of such studies include a pragmatic trial to study the effect of video education in nursing homes on re-hospitalization rate (PROVEN), and a trial to investigate the effects of Music & Memory for patients with AD/ADRD. Dr. Gutman has also participated in analyzing the effects of amyloid scanning in the IDEAS Study, and in an extension study that examines caregivers’ reactions and experience to these scans (CARE IDEAS).
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