Allore, Heather – PhD

Allore, Heather – PhD
Name: Allore, Heather – PhD
Credentials: PhD

Core Leader, Design and Statistics Core (DSC)

Primary title: Professor
Primary Institution: Yale School of Medicine
Complete Titles:

Professor, Yale School of Medicine
Professor, Yale School of Public Health

Bio: Heather Allore, PhD focuses on research collaborations and methodological development work as leader of the Data Management and Statistics Core of the Yale Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and for 12 years as Director of Biostatistics at the Yale Program on Aging. She founded the field of Gerontological Biostatistics where innovative designs for multicomponent interventional trials and biostatistical methods are required to rigorously address scientific questions related to geriatric health conditions. Her research focuses on issues related to the design and analysis of studies of multiple chronic conditions using both clinical trials and observational studies. Dr. Allore has a wealth of experience conducting epidemiologic studies and is a recognized authority on longitudinal statistical methods, including extended Cox models for state transitions, generalized estimating equations, mixed effects models, latent class trajectory models, joint models, and recently modified the average attributable fraction for a time-to-event outcome with time-varying medical conditions.
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