Hey, Spencer – PhD

Hey, Spencer – PhD
Name: Hey, Spencer – PhD
Credentials: PhD

Executive Committee, Regulation & Ethics Core

Primary title: Faculty and Co-Director of Research Ethics
Primary Institution: Harvard Center for Bioethics
Complete Titles:

Faculty and Co-Director of Research Ethics, Harvard Center for Bioethics

Bio: Spencer Hey, PhD, is a faculty member and Co-Director of Research Ethics at the Harvard Center for Bioethics. He received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Western Ontario and previously held a postdoctoral fellowship in the Biomedical Ethics Unit at McGill University and a visiting scholarship at Oxford University. Dr. Hey’s research interests lie at the intersection of biomedical ethics and philosophy of science—with a focus on clinical trials and the ethical challenges that arise across the drug research and development enterprise. His published work has appeared in scientific, medical, bioethics, and philosophical venues, including Science Magazine, JAMA Internal Medicine, Neurology, The BMJ, PLoS Medicine, Journal of Medical Ethics, Hastings Center Report, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, and Philosophy of Science.
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