Jutkowitz, Eric – PhD

Jutkowitz, Eric – PhD
Name: Jutkowitz, Eric – PhD
Credentials: PhD

Executive Committee, Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) Core

Primary title: Assistant Professor
Primary Institution: Brown University School of Public Health
Complete Titles:

Assistant Professor, Brown University School of Public Health

Bio: Eric Jutkowitz, PhD is an assistant professor of health services, policy & practice at Brown Univsersity School of Public Health. His research focuses on understanding the value of care provided to vulnerable populations with an emphasis on individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and AD-related dementias (AD/ADRD) and their informal family caregivers. He has methodological expertise in decision modeling, cost-effectivness, causal inference, and evidence synthesis. To that end, he has prospectively (along side randomized trials) and retrospectively evaluated the effects and cost-effectiveness of nondrug interventions aimed at helping people living with AD/ADRD and their caregivers. In addition, Dr. Jutkowitz has used Medicare data and large national surveys to evaluate the effect of dementia on healthcare expenditures and the effect of caregiving on the person living with AD/ADRD’s health outcomes. Finally, he has conducted systematic reviews on the effectiveness of interventions to prevent cognitive decline, and interventions to support people living with AD/ADRD and their caregivers.