Monin, Joan – PhD, MS

Monin, Joan – PhD, MS
Name: Monin, Joan – PhD, MS
Credentials: PhD, MS

Executive Committee, Design & Statistics Core (DSC)

Primary title: Associate Professor
Primary Institution: Yale School of Public Health
Complete Titles:

Associate Professor, Yale School of Public Health

Bio: Joan Monin, PhD, MS is an associate professor at the Yale School of Public Health. Her research examines how emotional and social support processes affect health in older adult relationships. Dr. Monin’s research combines survey methods and laboratory experiments to understand the mechanisms (e.g. emotional contagion, cardiovascular reactivity) and moderators (gender, individual differences in attachment) involved in these processes. Currently, her research focuses on understanding how caregivers and care recipients support one another in the early stages of dementia. In this work, she uses dyadic analysis techniques to take into account partner influences on outcomes. These findings about relationship dynamics in the context of caregiving are then translated to inform supportive programs for families living with dementia.
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